Platforms: Google, Bing, LinkedIn

Growth Marketing
Reduction in MQL Cost
Reduction in Opp Cost
Reduction in CAC


After being advised to double their marketing budget, Composely was facing one of the worse months in company history. Their campaigns were no longer performing and sales were drying up. The CPL had been steadily decreasing over the prior 6 months but a lack of customers and strategy put Composely in a dangerous spot.


In the past 3 months we have dramatically reduced the down-funnel metrics of Composely’s paid marketing efforts, reducing the CAC by over 80%. Now spending less per month than prior to working with Catalyst, they are not exceeding marketing expectations on a monthly basis.

Our Approach

  • CRM Audit - identify what has and what has not been working from their previous marketing campaigns
  • Turn off everything that has been hurting their campaigns
  • Optimize the isolated profitable campaigns and maximize the spending
  • Launch retargeting campaigns across all popular platforms
  • Optimize their campaigns each month based on down-funnel metrics to drive the lowest cpOpp

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