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about us

We've Built a World-Class Team So You Don't Have To

Catalyst Consulting is a reputable revenue marketing firm that specializes in aiding B2B SaaS businesses. We aim to drive growth for small to medium-sized enterprises in this sector by offering tailored solutions. Our services include optimizing lead generation, enhancing inbound marketing, and creating a reliable client pipeline. What makes us unique is our commitment to our clients and our collaborative approach to uncovering new opportunities. We provide sales coaching, digital marketing expertise, and insights into the B2B SaaS industry, helping businesses to succeed in modern marketing and sales.

our story

It All Started in 2020

Founded by Chris Roche, a seasoned Chief Revenue Officer, Catalyst emerged in 2020 with the vision of establishing the world's first Revenue-Centric Marketing Agency.

With nearly three years of dedicated effort, Catalyst has transformed from a solo endeavor into a leading performance marketing firm, boasting an exceptional team and strong partnerships with over 15 high-growth technology companies.


The core values behind our work

Our work at Catalyst is underpinned by three core values that inform every decision we make and every strategy we devise. These principles are more than just words on a page; they are the very essence of our approach and the driving force behind our commitment to helping businesses thrive.


In the dynamic startup industry, high-pressure situations are inevitable. At Catalyst, we strive to be your steadfast anchor amidst the storm, guaranteeing that you consistently progress in the right direction. With our team's firsthand experience in launching and exiting startups, we offer unwavering support and invaluable guidance whenever you need it.


Partnering with Catalyst should be synonymous with having a committed ally by your side. We relentlessly pursue excellence, consistently surpassing the expectations of an agency partner, and delivering unparalleled service to our clients. Our remarkable client retention is a testament to our unwavering dedication, and we spare no effort in fortifying the infrastructure necessary to provide the utmost care and attention.


We're driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation. We constantly challenge ourselves to think outside the box and devise creative solutions that help our clients outperform their competition. At Catalyst, innovation isn't an option—it's a prerequisite.

our mission

Empowering Businesses, Catalyzing Growth

"At Catalyst, our mission is simple—make our clients a boat load of money while having fun doing so."
—Chris Roche, Founder

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