Platforms: Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn

Growth Marketing
in New Business
in Pipeline Creation
Under 2-Month
CAC Payback Period
Apex Officer


Apex Officer is a state-of-the-art virtual reality police training simulator aiding police officers with de-escalation training and potentially life-saving simulations. Prior to working with Catalyst, Apex had failed to secure a profitable ROI from their paid marketing efforts and were about to accept the false reality that digital marketing couldn’t work for them.

Apex Officer


Over the past 12 months, we have worked with Apex on the strategy, execution, and management of a multi-touch demand generation campaign resulting in approximately $7,000,000 in qualified pipeline.

Our Approach

  • CRM Audit - identify what has and what has not been working from their previous marketing campaigns
  • Turn off everything that has been hurting their campaigns
  • Optimize the isolated profitable campaigns and maximize the spending
  • Launch retargeting campaigns across all popular platforms
  • Identify ICP and run education campaigns coupled with a strong emphasis on demand capture

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